VIS Spectrophotometer


V-1850 uses the latest microprocessor technology, which not only enables the instrument to automatically set 0% t and 100% t control functions as well as various methods of operation and data processing functions, but also has the special function of preventing users from operating errors, use It without fear. The liquid crystal display displays not only data but also maps, rich in in machine software that performs Quantitative analysis, standard curve analysis, dnaprotein testing, plus powerful storage and printing functions, it can complete all the test, analysis and data output without computer.



Wavelength Range: 325-1100nm

Bandwidth:  2nm

Optical System: Single beam,gra ting                  syetem1200lines/nm

Wavelength Accuracy: ±0.8nm

Wavelength Repeatability:≤0.2nm

Wavelength display: 1nm

Photometric Range: 0-125%T,-0.097-1.999A,0-1999C(0-1999F)

Photometric Accuracy: ±0.5%T

Stray Light: <0.2%T@220nm and 360nm

Stability: ±0.002A/hr@500nm

Standard Cell Holder:4-position 10mm cell changer 

Sample Compartment :Accommodates 100mm path length cuvette with optional holder

Display : 7 Inch touch screen

Output: USB

Software :Optional

Light Source :Tungeten Halogen and Deuterium Lamp 

Power Requirements:220V/240V switchable

Instrument Dimensions: 485mm(W)×365mm(D)×220mm(H)

Instrument Weight: 14.0kg