Corporate vision and culture

       "Good Quality, establish the world" is UNICO's purpose; technology is UNICO's core competitiveness forever; quality is the company's Lifeline; ensure product quality and Innovation; The company respects science, attaches importance to talents, pays attention to staff's training, education and management, strives to establish a high-quality staff troop. In the spirit of unity and cooperation, the courage to work hard, dedication, bold and innovative spirit, the Supreme Integrity of service is the fundamental principle of all our business

Vision for Future Planning and development

     "Good Quality, set the world" is our purpose; to ensure product quality and innovation is the company's lifeline. At present, our R & D investment is 25% of the company's profit. The next step is to explore some potential small products in the range of common analytical instruments and laboratory instruments, and selectively expand our product line. For example, our current R & D FOCUS is centrifuges, shaper, we want to do as much as possible 'delicate' , do 'high-end' , and strive for further market at home and abroad.